Molefe: I know nothing about Hitachi deal

Popo Molefe was chair of the board of trustees of Chancellor House when it won the contracts in 2009.

Screengrab of former chair of the board of trustees of Chancellor House, Popo Molefe.

JOHANNESBURG - Prasa board chairperson Popo Molefe has told Eyewitness News he knows nothing about any of the payments that were made from Hitachi to Chancellor House when it landed Eskom contracts.

Earlier this week, US regulators confirmed Hitachi was paying a R250,000 fine after it was accused of paying Chancellor House to use its political influence with the ANC.

The then board of trustees says he and the other trustees were not involved in the day to day running of Chancellor House.

"I know nothing about any discussions of a transaction with Hitachi."

He added that says he won't speculate on what actually happened.

"I don't know the facts and all I know is that we operated above board as the board of trustees and the trust was a legal entity."


Molefe says no one has called for an investigation into the deal.

He says the American investigation has finished with this plea agreement.

"Nobody has called for an investigation and even if they were to do so, I've got no authority to either authorise or to deny it."

Molefe says they didn't know which deals Chancellor House was involved in.

"As the trustees, we never received any report on that transaction being under discussion neither did we get any report about any monies that might have changed hands."

The Democratic Alliance has asked the police to investigate the deal.

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