Did Cassper 'own' AKA this round with new track?

The local hip-hop artists have a long-standing 'beef' with each other.

FILE: Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Cassper Nyovest has released a dis track that slates his arch enemy Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes over his failed relationship, supposed drug use and a music career that's apparently built on lies.

Last month Forbes released his own dis track Composure addressing the rapper over the long-running feud.

In reaction, Nyovest has called Forbes a 'broke druggie' who can't seem to 'handle' his women.

Listen: #DustToDust

_Yo Mzanzi _has dissected the song, Dust to Dust in a few tweets.

LYRICS: Cassper Nyovest #Dust2Dust - http://t.co/lGOtrEbGX7 pic.twitter.com/gkSDoTUoeZ

Some fans seem to think AKA may never come back from this.

In a diss track you use everything you have to discredit the other MC. That's exactly what Cassper did! Hard cold blows to the body!

Cassper be like #Dust2Dust pic.twitter.com/qYS1eptMFc

I don't usually listen to Cassper's music but #dust2dust @CassperNyovest 🔥🔥🔥bruh


Diss tracks aren't about getting down & turning up. They are there to fire shots!! And shots have been fired #DustToDust

Others are not as impressed.

Cassper's Dust 2 Dust diss track is trash. How are you not flowing with the beat? Just swearing over it. Why not just send AKA a VN then?

Cassper is a song away from telling us that your mom took 9 months to give birth and he went gold quicker

Cassper stans - " #Dust2Dust is Dope. He killed AKA!

Me - what did he say ? Mention one line

Them - ** pic.twitter.com/5Qxz4dDcOd

AKA walked out an interview with News 24 this week when asked about his alleged affair with Bonang Matheba.