Treasury urged to release studies on SA nuclear power plants

Treasury was approached to release as key studies & reports to SA's plans to build nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plant. Picture: Free Images.

JOHANNESBURG - Treasury has been approached to release what are being described as key studies and reports relating to South Africa's plans to build nuclear power plants.

Despite widespread reports that the Treasury has not been adequately included in the exploration of investing in further nuclear energy the Democratic Alliance suggests that may not be the case.

South Africa's plans to procure 9.6 gigawatts of power at a potential cost of a trillion rand or more have been the subject of fierce controversy and denials.

Shadow Finance Minister David Maynier says the Treasury's annual report suggests that several feasibility studies have been carried out but are being kept secret.

"It seems to me that the National Treasury has done far more work and is far more prepared than they are letting on."

He says he's written to the finance minister to request access to these reports.

The Treasury is not commenting on this issue at the moment but is expected to address this and other matters in Parliament later this month.