EcoMobility Festival kicks off

Road closures & alternative modes of transport will be implemeted on Monday.

Joburg Mayor Parks Tau. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Joburg Mayor Parks Tau says officials hope to reduce the number of cars on the roads in Sandton by more than half during this month's EcoMobility Festival.

The festival officially starts today but road closures, park and ride facilities and alternative modes of transport will only set in on Monday.

#EcoMobility City's Lisa Seftel says they are almost ready, by Sunday evening everything will be done. GN

Tau says the city is under threat of becoming a parking lot during peak hours and there's no space for more roads.

He says tens of thousands of people move in and out of the area's CBD daily and the congestion has a major impact on the economy.

The mayor says this month is about "changing the way you move"

"We should be aiming at bringing down the percentage of private vehicles to 43 percent. This will leave about 20 percent buses, 10 percent pedestrians and for the first time 3 percent of cyclists."

Tau has moved his offices to Sandton for October, and he too will be using alternative modes of transport.