All systems ready for mass anti-corruption marches

Two mass anti-corruption marches will take place in Pretoria & Cape Town today.

Thousands are expected for Unite Against Corruption's marches in Pretoria & Cape Town.

PRETORIA/CAPE TOWN/JOHANNESBURG - Organisers say everything is in place for two Unite Against Corruption marches which will take place in Pretoria and Cape Town today.

Over 300 civil society groups and religious leaders are said to be taking part along with thousands of South Africans.

The marches have also been endorsed by the Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation.

Marchers will gather at Burgers Park and will march to the Union Buildings where a list of demands will be handed over to the presidency.

Organisations such as Right to Know (R2K) Campaign, Treatment Action Campaign held pickets this week in support of the march.

The march is expected to begin around midday but those on duty will not be allowed to attend.

Organisers announced earlier this week that the marches will go ahead in Pretoria and Cape Town, despite The National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) only granting permission for a one day strike, in two weeks' time.

Workers have been warned to take part at their own risk as the marches are not protected from disciplinary action.

The event's Patrick Craven says today's marches are in preparation a nationwide march in two weeks' time.

"To be fair we've made all the efforts to look at the figures and add them to the figures we expect on the 14th of October."

Craven says the marches won't be a once off event, but rather a movement.

"And I think that in a sense we've proved that by already orgsanising an event which could be just as big if not bigger."

Organisers say despite today's marches being unprotected, they believe they will be a success.


The coalition says today's march is in support of transparent funding models for South Africa's political parties .

Convener Zwelinzima Vavi will join civil society groups in the Pretoria march.

The coalition says it wants to bring an end to state-owned enterprises being used to benefit corrupt individuals.

It also wants transparent funding models for political parties.

Vavi says this is to avoid outside influence on state policy.

"All political parties must reveal their funding so that we know who gets what from where for the sake of our transparency but more so, so that we know our public policies are not influenced by those who have a bigger share to give to political parties."

Meanwhile, Corruption Watch's David Lewis said the point is to show that people are tired of corruption.

"The point of the march is to demonstrate public outrage at increasing corruption and marchers will handover set of demands to representatives of government and big businesses have been asked to present themselves."