Masiphumelele residents & police in tense stand-off

An officer has told EWN despite on-going negotiation with residents, they’ll remain on high alert.

A protest erupted along Kommetjie Road at Masiphumelele township this morning. Picture: @Louise_Marsland via Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - Police and a group of Masiphumelele residents are currently in a tense stand-off as on-going negotiations continue.

Earlier the protesters threatened to march again, should the 27 protesters who were arrested during this morning's violent demonstrations not be released on bail.

The group were informed that those arrested had been released on bail.

The more than twenty police vehicles, which include six nyalas, are still standing in Poleka and Kommetjie roads.

One police officer told Eyewitness News despite on-going negotiations with the large group of protesters they will remain on high alert in the area.

ANC councillor Daliwonga Badela says although they've told the group the protesters have been released on bail, they refuse to move.

Badela says the crowd will only disperse once they see the residents back in the community.