UN: World leaders to adopt sustainable development goals

Several leaders are working to adopt sustainable development goals set to improve the lives of their people.

FILE: The leaders are discussing 17 targets that replace the Millennium Development Goals. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - World leaders gathered in New York are working to adopt UN sustainable development goals to improve the lives and governance of their people.

The 17 targets replace the Millennium Development Goals, some of which were met and some missed since the adoption 15 years ago.

The sustainable development goals do not apply only to the poorest people on the planet.

They deal with peace, prosperity, jobs and justice and some of them cannot be measured.

They include education and equality for women and an end to discrimination in all forms.

The leaders have learned to be more realistic in establishing the objectives while countries have become use to striving to meet the millennium development goals are now better geared to achieve success.