'Poor policing to blame for Masiphumelele mob attacks'

Tensions are simmering in the township following several mob attacks, a murder and two alleged rapes.

Picture: SAPS.

CAPE TOWN - Tensions are simmering in the Masiphumelele township near Fish Hoek, following a spate of mob attacks, a murder and two alleged rapes.

The incidents were all reported over the past two weeks.

Residents say poor policing has driven the community to take the law into their hands, and rid the area of rapists, murderers and drug dealers.

Police investigations are still underway following at least three apparent mob attacks, the murder of a 15-year-old boy and two alleged rapes in Masiphumelele over the past two weeks.

A memorial service was held in the area yesterday for 15-year-old Amani Pula, who was found murdered in the dining room of his family home last week.

#Masiphumelele scores of people attended Pula's memorial service at the local community hall today. SS pic.twitter.com/IeYDhHciUE

The community has urged police to track down the killers of the 15-year-old described a respectful, sport-loving boy.

#Masiphumelele Amani Pula (15) will be laid to rest in the Eastern Cape on Saturday after he was killed last week. SS pic.twitter.com/WKtAWWBHdi

Speaker of the Western Cape Legislature, Mark Wiley, attended the service and asked that the community put their faith in police as additional resources are being deployed to the area to fight crime.

But a resident from the township says mob justice is the only way to clamp down on criminals.

"I wish it can happen again to all of those people who are doing these terrible things. We are all in danger."

Western Cape Community Safety MEC Dan Plato is expected to visit the community next week.