Zuma to deal with gender equality report

The president will ask the relevant authorities to deal with the Gender Equality Commission’s report.

FILE. The commission was asked to look into this by human rights organisations, who complained about gender discrimination. Picture: Saps

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma says he's going to ask the relevant government departments to deal with a new report from the Gender Equality Commission which shows that not enough women are being appointed as judges.

The commission says the Judicial Services Commission doesn't appear to have clear procedures about how it decides who to appoint, and that there are not enough female leaders in institutions like The Law Society.

It also recommends that the Justice Department create a law to deal with the issue.

The University of Cape Town's Democratic Governance and Rights Unit's Tabeth Masengu was one of the people who lodged the original complaint.

"You still hear a lot of women who work in law firms say that when they have meetings they are assigned to making tea or take notes. They don't go for the big fundraisers, they don't network."