Open Stellenbosch unhappy with revised language policy

The policy aims to place English & Afrikaans on an equal level as the language of instruction in classrooms.

FILE. Students gather at Stellenbosch University during an open dialogue to discuss issues of inclusion & exclusion on 15 April 2015. Picture: iWitness.

CAPE TOWN - Open Stellenbosch is not happy with Stellenbosch University management's newly revised language policy.

The new policy aims to place English and Afrikaans on an equal level as the language of instruction in classrooms.

Professor Arnold Schoonwinkel, Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning, says by next year they're hoping to have parallel-medium teaching where students have a choice of being taught in English or Afrikaans.

"Immediate opportunities would be to look at the classes that are already split because of size and instead of using dual medium in those classes then make use of parallel medium."

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande earlier today said the Transformation Summit to be held in Durban next month will look beyond demographic representation.

Nzimande was speaking at a briefing in Pretoria this morning, where he outlined the objectives of the summit. The first one was held five years ago.

Nzimande said delegates and leaders from the country's universities, as well as movements such as the Rhodes Must Fall Movement and Open Stellenbosch, had been invited.

In August, Open Stellenbosch released a documentary titled Luister to show the extent of racism at the institution.