Mido Macia's family agree with sentencing postponement

Sentencing has been postponed to November while the defence prepares its mitigation argument.

Screengrab of eight former police officers on trial for Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia’s murder.

JOHANNESBURG - Mido Macia 's family say they agree with today's decision to postpone sentencing in the High Court in Pretoria, and accept that it's important for procedures to be completed before sentencing begins.

Macia was found dead in a holding cell at the Daveyton police station on the East Rand in 2013 after being dragged behind a police van.

WATCH: Mido Macia dragged behind police van before he was found dead.

Eight former police officers were found guilty of killing the Mozambican taxi driver, and sentencing has now been postponed until November because the defence is still preparing its mitigation argument.

This involves social workers and probation officers who will interview the eight former policemen and their families about their characters, and to establish if they are first time offenders, if they have young children or if they're bread winners.

These factors could aid in persuading Judge Bert Bam to hand down a lighter sentence.

The state is also compiling its own report which includes interviewing Macia's family on how the Mozambican taxi driver's death affected them, with the aim of securing the harshest possible sentence.

Macia's family say they understand that due processes must be followed.

The accused will remain remanded in custody until 11 November.