Aurora Mine workers hope to be paid before Christmas

Aurora Mines was liquidated in 2011 & miners have not been paid their salaries for the last five years.

FILE:Aurora mine. Picture:EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma's nephew, Khulubuse, has denied that he acted recklessly after Aurora Mines were liquidated.

Zuma was part of a group found liable for R1.7 billion in damages at the mines after they were stripped of their assets.

The company was liquidated in 2011 and miners have not been paid their salaries for the last five years.

An application for leave to appeal was turned down in the High Court in Pretoria today.

Khulubuse Zuma's spokesperson, Vuyo Mkhize, says Zuma will fight his legal battle until all avenues have been exhausted.

"He contributed, in total, R35 million in a bid to alleviate those problems. A different court is likely to look at that conduct that is inconsistent with someone who didn't care.

Zuma was not in court today, but unions representing workers who are still waiting for their salaries were there.

Miner Thomas Tyandela says he is staying in a hostel and trying to survive on his wife's R2,000 salary.

"The very least that we can have will be better than nothing."

Although the directors have vowed to continue their legal fight, workers are hoping they will be paid out before Christmas.