Reformed CT gangster: I stabbed warders

Magadien Wentzel describes how he was swallowed into life as a member of one of CT's most notorious gangs.

A former 28’s gang boss, who did not want to be named, speaks to EWN in an exclusive interview on 19 December 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A reformed Cape Town gangster says he was swallowed into life as a member of one of Cape Town's most notorious gangs after his first prison stint during apartheid.

Magadien Wentzel spent almost a quarter of a century behind bars.

He was first arrested during the 1970's for student activism while studying law at the University of the Western Cape.

Wentzel says he felt anger towards police after he was wrongfully arrested driving him to want to kill a warder.

He says after enquiring about a weapon, gangsters at the Victor Verster Prison handed him a knife and ordered him to stab, but not kill a warder.

The reformed gangster adds this incident led to him joining the notorious 28's gang.

"I live in Manenberg and every youngster that goes to prison for a petty crime, when they come out they have tattoos of 28s, 26 or 27."

Wentzel has admitted to killing inmates while in prison but has never stabbed a warder to death.

"When I became a member I made another wrong choice in my life and I stabbed warders," he says.