Flabba murder trial: State to call three more witnesses

Murder accused Sindisiwe Manqele has wrapped up her evidence in chief.

FILE: Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - More details surrounding the events leading to the death of rapper Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi are expected to emerge as the defence plans to call three more witnesses to the stand.

Sindisiwe Manqele is on trial in the High Court sitting in Randburg for the murder of Habedi at his home in Alexandra earlier this year.

Yesterday, the 26-year-old insisted she did not intend killing him.

Manqele wrapped up her evidence in chief describing her boyfriend as a jealous partner who was insecure about his finances.

Yesterday, state prosecutor Paul Schutte spent time grilling Manqele on how a knife came to be in her hands.

Manqele appeared agitated as she was asked a number of times to explain how she managed to overpower Habedi and stab him in the chest.

The 26-year-old is adamant she feared for her life and that she just wanted to free herself from a violent Habedi.

The state has accused the Manqele of fabricating her story to suit her version of events and says her testimony is completely improbable.


On Thursday, the murder accused told the court that she intended to stab her rapper boyfriend.

But Manqele says she never wanted to kill him, and was only acting in self-defence when he became violent.

Judge Solly Sithole asked the accused what her intention was when she wrestled with her boyfriend, Habedi, to pry the knife out of his hands.

She told Sithole that she was trying to stop Flabba from stabbing her and she wanted to run from the room.

The judge proceeded to ask her whether she intentionally wanted to stab her boyfriend and if that was why she was determined to get a hold of the knife.

Manqele replied by saying 'exactly'.