SA voices concern over Bukina Faso coup

SA has called on troops that have seized power to release the president & Cabinet ministers they’re holding.

Members of Burkina Faso’s interim parliament raise their hands on 16 July, 2015 in Ouagadougou as they vote on a resolution asking the High Court to put deposed leader Blaise Compaore on trial for high treason and violating the constitution. Picture: AFP.

PRETORIA - South Africa has expressed concern at the coup in Burkina Faso and called on troops that have seized power to release the president and Cabinet ministers they are holding.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation has urged South Africans travelling to the trouble spot to register with them, and to avoid demonstration sites.

South Africa's joined the flood denouncing the putsch in Burkina Faso that includes UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and France that has at least 200 special forces in Ouagadougou as part of its anti-terror presence in various African countries.

The Pretoria statement says the military power grab is a serious violation of Burkina Faso's constitution.

The coup has been led by former spy chief Gilbert Diendere.


Meanwhile, a sinister giant spymaster has been named as head of the military junta that seized power in Burkina Faso.

Two-metre-tall Diendere served as intelligence chief to former president Blaise Campaore who was deposed last year when he tried to extend his 27 years in power.

Diendere says President Michel Kafando, Prime Minister Isaac Zida and Burkina Faso's Housing Minister will be released.

They were seized by soldiers who broke up a Cabinet meeting early this morning.

Diendere's in charge, having dissolved parliament and imposed a curfew in the capital Ougadougou.

The soldiers were incensed at Kafando's plan to disband the presidential guard and at supporters of deposed President Blaise Camapaore being precluded from next month's election.