Malema’s ejection from National Assembly under the spotlight

Julius Malema was forcibly removed in terms of a new rule recently adopted to deal with disruptive MPs.

FILE: A screengrab of members of parliamentary protection services removing EFF leader Julius Malema from the National Assembly on 9 September 2015 after he refused to withdraw his comment that deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa was a murderer.

CAPE TOWN - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema's ejection from the National Assembly last Wednesday has been the focus of discussion by the National Assembly's rules committee.

Malema was forcibly removed in terms of a new rule recently adopted to deal with disruptive Members of Parliament (MPs).

The African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance clashed during today's meeting over whether house chairperson Grace Boroto's decision to eject Malema from the National Assembly can be reviewed by a multi-party committee, as the new rule provides for.

ANC chief whip Stone Sizani was adamant that a presiding officer's decision is final and cannot be reviewed at a later stage.

But Freedom Front Plus chief whip Dr Corne Mulder's input may have changed his mind.

"There's no disagreement that when a presiding officer makes a ruling in the house, that ruling stands in the house. But we are now talking about afterwards, beyond the house; and if I listen to the ruling parties' members, they are saying that even in that process afterwards, subsequent, the ruling can also not be challenged. That's what you are saying, that can never be acceptable."

Sizani then backed down.

The multi-party committee has not been established yet.

The appointment of the committee would need to be by a resolution of the National Assembly, which is only likely to happen in late October.

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