'Zapiro cartoon violates dignity of NPA leadership'

Mathole Motshekga has accused Zapiro of violating the dignity of the NPA’s through his latest cartoon.

FILE: Mathole Motshekga. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament (MP) Mathole Motshekga has accused cartoonist Zapiro of violating the dignity of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)'s leadership through his latest cartoon.

The cartoon, which appeared in the Times newspaper today, depicts newly unearthed human ancestor Homo naledi applying for a job at the NPA.

The cartoon compares the characteristic small brain of the hominid species to those of NPA deputy Nomgcobo Jiba and new Hawks head Berning Ntlemeza.

Homo naledi, which is believed to be a new species of human relative, was unveiled last week at the Maropeng Centre in the Cradle for Humankind.

Motshekga says he believes the cartoon reinforces a racist ideology.

"In my view it is intended to show that the leadership of the NPA, who are black, are decedents of Homo naledi, with brains that are as small as those of their baboon or ape ancestors."

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, who also known as Zapiro, says claims that his image suggesting the Homo naledi fossil could work at the NPA because it has a small brain and can't tell truth from lies, is racist, don't hold water.

But Motshekga says this cartoon is racist.

"Homo naledi is supposed to be a pre-human being and therefore a sub-human being to link the leadership of the NPA to a sub-human species means that they themselves are sub-humans."

But Shapiro says this shows Motshekga doesn't understand how evolution works.

"What he's trying to do now is then link that absolute nonsense idea to cartoons that are critical of particular things that we've done in the body politics of South Africa."

He says recent events in the criminal justice cluster have shown lies are working there.