‘Manqele was upset & high on the night of Flabba’s death’

Witnesses told the court the woman accused of killing Flabba smoked marijuana, but she denies this.

FILE: Sindisiwe Manqele. Picture: Instagram/keflabba.

JOHANNESBURG - Murder accused Sindisiwe Manqele has denied most evidence presented by the State in the Randburg Magistrates Court, claiming she and her rapper boyfriend, Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi were on good terms, until the moment he became upset.

Manqele is standing trial for allegedly murdering the musician at his home in Alexandra in March this year.

She says she stabbed him in self-defence.

The murder accused says the night before she fatally stabbed Habedi, the pair were in a loving and jolly mood, and had even gone to a club in Sandton with friends where the rapper gave his last performance.

Last week State witness Nkululeko Chauke, a friend to both Habedi and Manqele, testified that Manqele was upset when Flabba's ex-girlfriend - only known as "Kea" - joined them for drinks and had a brief conversation with her a former lover.

Yesterday another friend, Masego Tsele, who was also at the club that night told the court that the accused had in fact become angry and even told her she wished "Kea" would leave.

Both Tsele and Chauke also said Manqele had shared some dagga with her rapper boyfriend.

But she has denied this, saying she was not upset that she did not know "Kea".

She added that she did not smoke marijuana.

Meanwhile, Manqele has told the court that Habedi's jealousy and rage are what lead to an altercation, between them, moments before his death.

She explained how she made a call to a taxi driver, asking him to pick her up from The Sands night club in Sandton.

Manqele says she had refused to go home with Flabba because he was grabbing her by her wrist and calling her a 'gold digger' after he saw her speaking to another man.

She added that he was insecure about his financial situation, which led to the jealousy in their relationship.

She says as she spoke to the taxi driver, the rapper grabbed her phone and told her she would be going home with him.

Their verbal altercation continued after they had dropped off friends in Lombardy east.

The woman accused of Habedi's murder says she called her cousins numerous times to get them to pick her up from Alexandra, but none of them answered their cellphones.

Her defence is expected to present cellphone records to prove this.

Manqele was excused from the stand for the day and is due back on tomorrow morning.