Free park & ride during Sandton road closures

During October some lanes in the Sandton's CBD will be closed as part of the EcoMobility World Festival.

The Sandton CBD in Johannesburg. Picture: Aki Anastasiou.

JOHANNESBURG - The City of Johannesburg says it's confident that it will be able to implement its plan to increase public transport while closing some lanes to passenger vehicles next month.

During October, some lanes in the Sandton city centre will be closed, while extra lanes will be created for public transport as part of the EcoMobility World Festival.

The plan will see bus services provided from some shopping centres, free park and ride systems operating from parks around Sandton and certain lanes being opened for bikes and public transport only.

In Sandton, the construction work has been underway for several weeks.

Pedestrians have to make their way around bulldozers and trucks.

Stellenbosch Transport and Traffic Engineering lecturer Louis Roodt says if even a small percentage of people stop using their cars, it will make a huge difference.

"Total delay function versus the traffic flow is an exponential curve that goes up rapidly as congestion approaches."

The city says its confident people will use the park and ride services.

But some experts say that some people will simply never get out of their cars.