Refugee crisis: EU interior ministers resume talks

Emergency talks will resume shortly to discuss plans to distribute migrants around Europe.

EU interior ministers are due to discuss the Commission proposals on Monday. If they fail to reach a deal on tackling the crisis, European Council chief Donald Tusk said on Friday he would call an extraordinary summit of EU leaders this month.   Hundreds of migrants struggle to board a train on 11 September, 2015 at a train station in Nickelsdorf, at the Austrian side of the border between Hungary and Austria. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Emergency talks will resume shortly in Brussels to discuss plans to distribute migrants around Europe after Germany reintroduced border controls, admitting it could no longer cope with the influx.

Sunday's dramatic reinstatement of border checks signalled a u-turn on chancellor Angela Merkel's earlier decision to throw open the country's borders to Syrian refugees.

A plan to distribute 160,000 refugees to relieve pressure on states such as Italy, Greece and Hungary faces strong resistance from countries including the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says this is a necessary step.

"The great willingness to help that Germany has shown in recent weeks, must not be a restraint. Germany is taking on its humanitarian responsibility but the burden caused by the huge number of refugee's must be distributed with solidarity in Europe."

Facing an influx of migrants and refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq, Germany is insisting it has no choice but to institute temporary border controls with thousands of refugees approaching from war-torn Syria.

The government says the focus will initially lie on the border with Austria.

The announcement of measures by Germany came hours after more than 40 migrants were discovered alive inside a refrigerated truck in north-west Austria.

Germany has temporary suspended train traffic to and from Austria.

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