Gigaba: There’s no current review of the Citizenship Act

Gigaba says neither the ANC nor government has taken any decision to review citizenship policy.

Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says South African law already deals with those who choose to take up arms in another country.

Gigaba today moved to defuse outrage sparked by the African National Congress's (ANC) international relations head, Obed Bapela.

Bapela told the Sunday Times the ANC was considering a ban on dual citizenship to prevent Jewish South Africans from joining the Israeli Defence Force.

Briefing journalists at parliament earlier today, Gigaba said neither the ANC nor the government had taken any decision to review citizenship policy.

"I must emphasise that there would never be a time that we take an arbitrary decision on these issues; we'll always be guided by the Constitution and what's in the best interests of our country and our people - and that is why I am saying there is no current review of the citizenship act."

The minister says the law as it stands is adequate.

"If somebody decides to fight for the State of Israel, they have chosen a flag and the legislation says that person would have to lose their [South African] citizenship."

He says this applies only to naturalised citizens and not those who were born here, whose citizenship is protected by the constitution.