Dual passport debacle heads to Parliament

The ANC confirmed it was considering the move to prevent South Africans from joining the Israeli army.

FILE. Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says no policy change regarding dual citizenship is presently being considered.

Gigaba is set to give a briefing in Parliament this morning on the matter.

The African National Congress (ANC) on Monday confirmed it was considering preventing people from holding two passports in a bid to stop South Africans from joining the Israeli Defence Force.

The issue has sparked an outcry in the Jewish community and accusations that the ANC is being anti-Semitic, which it has strongly denied.

Gigaba is expected to clarify the matter when he briefs journalists this morning.

A statement from his office on Wednesday said no change to citizenship rules are currently being considered.

It said South African law only limits dual citizenship when it's prohibited by the countries of those applying for naturalisation.

The ANC's head of International Relations, Obed Bapela, says the proposal has been discussed at the party's lekgotla and will come up at its National General Council meeting next month.


On Wednesday, the ANC said it's wrong for Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein to claim that the party is anti-Jewish, by referring to Israel as an apartheid state.

ANC leaders have suggested that Israel is an apartheid state because of the way it treats Palestinian people.

On Tuesday, Goldstein released a video on YouTube saying the ANC's obsession with Israel was dangerous and supported religious extremists in the Middle East.

He said what he believes is the ANC's obsession with Israel is deeply insulting and hurtful to the country's Jewish community, claiming the ANC was wrong to call Israel an apartheid state.

On Monday, the Jewish Board of Deputies said plans by ANC leaders to stop people from having two passports were divisive and aimed at creating hatred against Jewish people.

But Bapela said Goldstein isn't telling the whole story.

"The Chief Rabbi chose not to speak about the big wall that is now cutting through communities of Palestinians and we call that wall an apartheid wall. The Chief Rabbi doesn't talk anything about the search points."