Flabba trial: Witness corroborated accused’s story

Tshepang Habedi has corroborated Sindisiwe Manqele’s original testimony saying she showed remorse.

FILE: Murder accused Sindisiwe Manqele (C). Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The younger brother of slain musician Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi has taken the stand in the High Court sitting in Randburg where he's told the court the accused showed remorse on the night she stabbed him to death.

Sindisiwe Manqele stabbed the Skwatta Kamp rapper in the chest at his home in Alexandra in March.

Habedi's brother Tshepang has told the court how his younger brother Luyanda knocked on his bedroom door asking him to come out and help because Habedi had been badly wounded.

He says he walked to Habedi's bedroom and saw him lying on the floor.

Tshepang has corroborated Manqele's original testimony saying she showed remorse and was sobbing uncontrollably at the time.

He says Manqele was yelling "I didn't mean to do it, I love him".

He added that she even performed CPR on his brother but he was non-responsive.

#FlabbaTrial Chauke: I remember, an hour after we arrived at the club, both Flabba and Sindi smoked some marijuana with other people. MR

#FlabbaTrial Chauke says once inside vehicle, the mood was tense and the ride home was just quiet. MR

#FlabbaTrial Chauke says they drove to McDonald's and all placed orders but Flabba said he lost his appetite. MR

#FlabbaTrial Chauke: she told Flabba"don't think you going to eat my food since u didn't order." Flabba: yeah konje baby u are stingy. MR

#FlabbaTrial Chauke says Sindi replied "yea Vele you can ask one of your wh*** to give you food". MR

A friend of the slain rapper has told the court that an argument between the musician and his girlfriend broke out in a club on the night he was killed.

Chauke says he had known Habedi for 13 years and has known Manqele for about eight years.

He says Habedi and Manqele had come to pick him and his girlfriend up for a fun night at a club in Sandton.

Chauke says approximately an hour after they arrived at The Sands, Habedi''s ex-girlfriend joined them and had a two minute conversation with the rapper before sharing a drink and going back to her friends.

He says this was when the mood became sour, Manqele started to sulk and asked Habedi why he was flirting with his ex in front of her.

He says every now and then, the couple would laugh together, but the argument still continued until their ride home just after midnight.

Chauke says the last time he saw Habedi alive was when he and his girlfriend were dropped off at home.