EU unveils R28bn ‘Africa fix’

The European Union hopes to address the root causes of destabilisation to cope with the migrant crisis.

FILE: To cope with the migrant crisis, the EU will establish a trust to help curb the influx of desperate people. Picture: AFP.

PRETORIA - The European Union will spend nearly R28 billion fixing troubled spots in Africa, hoping to stem the flood of migrants from the troubled continent.

The European grouping is hoping to address the root causes of destabilisation, forced displacement by helping African government improve migration management and fighting people traffickers.

The plan was unveiled by the European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Juncker says it will address problems in the Sahel and Lake Chad regions, the Horn of Africa and the North of the continent.

The money will come from funds in the EU budget and from voluntary contributions from national governments.

Thousands of refugees continue to flood into the European Union.

The United Nations (UN) said on Tuesday that at least 850,000 people are expected to cross the Mediterranean seeking refuge in Europe this year and next year.

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