Anni Dewani’s family turn to coroner for answers

Anni’s family are hoping to force Shrien Dewani to attend the inquest into her death and give evidence.

FILE: Coroner Andrew Walker is expected to get answers to the mystery surrounding Anni Dewani’s  (L) murder on honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010 . Picture: Sneha Mashru's Facebook page.

LONDON - The inquest into the death of Anni Dewan i will open in London this morning with demands from her family that her husband Shrien be called as a witness.

Anni's family have flown in from Sweden, hoping the coroner will get answers to the mystery surrounding her murder on honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010.

Coroner Andrew Walker doesn't shy away from controversy, once calling the United Kingdom's Defence Secretary as a witness in the inquest of a British soldier in Iraq.

Now Anni's Dewani's family are hoping he will force her husband to attend the inquest in to her death and give evidence as a witness.

It would be the first time he's given his side of the events under oath and in public.

However, under British law Dewani would not have to answer any questions which might incriminate him.

The family have already decided against a private prosecution but say other options could be pursued.