Truck driver 'lucky' to survive Durban crash

It's believed the man crashed his truck into a stationary truck early Tuesday morning.

Paramedics arrived on scene and found the severely mangled wreck on the side of the road. Picture: ER 24

JOHANNESBURG - A truck driver has sustained minor injuries in a nearly fatal crash on the N3 Cato Ridge south off ramp in Durban.

It is believed the man crashed into a stationary truck in the early hours of Tuesday morning, before he was found sitting on the guard rail.

ER 24 Paramedics say they arrived on the scene to find the two mangled vehicles.

Spokesperson Werner Vermaak said the 30-year-old was 'lucky' to survive.

"Paramedics initially thought that whoever was in the vehicle would have been critically injured or at least sustained fatal injuries."

The occupant of the other truck could not be found at the time of the incident.