Pensioners want preference at payout points

Senior citizens have voiced their unhappiness over long queues at Sassa payout points.

Pensioners queue outside of a supermarket in Mitchells Plain on the 1st of the month to collect their SASSA grants. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Some Mitchell's Plain senior citizens say they should be given preference when withdrawing their pensions at welfare grant payout points.

This week, Eyewitness News is investigating the plight of pensioners.

Many senior citizens queue from early in the morning to get their meager pensions.

At a Sassa payout point at a supermarket in Mitchell's Plain, some people queue from 5am.

By the time the supermarket opens its doors after 8am, a snaking long queue filled with hundreds of people anxiously wait to collect their grants.

A staff member then ushers in 30 people at a time.

A 70-year-old Tafelsig pensioner, Mogammad Esau, spends up to three hours queuing.

"Our legs is… our backs… we must go home now and go lay because we tired from standing here the whole morning."

Esau says he believes the elderly should be allowed to claim their money first ahead of others collecting welfare grants.

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