Entrepreneurs accuse Ellies of copying their products

Ellies denies the claims and says the individuals and their companies have no legal standing.

Consumer electronics giants Ellies has been accused by two local businessmen of copying their products in China. Piture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN."

JOHANNESBURG - It's a David vs Goliath story as two Johannesburg entrepreneurs have accused consumer electronics giant Ellies of copying their products.

The inventors of the Wonderplug, and an inverter, claim their products were copied in China by Ellies for sale in South Africa.

The company denies these claims and says these two individuals and their companies have no legal standing.

Jason Roper says he invented the Wonderplug while he was still in high school and was excited when he entered into a partnership with Ellies.

But Roper says the relationship soured when Ellies copied his product in China.

"I had a meeting with the CEO and he directly said to my face, 'We have copied all your products and we have actually imported them'."

Ellies CEO Wayne Sampson has denied this.

"There is a plug that we sell at the moment that looks nothing like his plug. Inside, outside…nothing at all."

Sampson has described the claims as a smear campaign against his company.