First African woman to take command of navy vessel

Zimasa Mabela is the first African woman to take command of a navy vessel.

FILE: Zimasa Mabela stands with her husband, Ivan, their two children and her mother at the ceremony in Simon's Town on 26 August 2015. Picture Monique Mortlock/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Lieutenant Commander Zimasa Mabela made history today when she took command of a navy vessel.

Mabela will be at the helm of SAS Umhloti after taking over from the officer in charge, Commander Brian Shor.

#NavyFirst Mabela will command the SAS Umhloti. MM

She's the first African woman to assume this position.

#NavyFirst Mabela boarding her vessel for the first time as its commander. MM

Lieutenant Obed Medupe says this opens doors for other women in the navy.

"She will be taking over from Commander Brian Shor, who is currently the officer in commanding Sas Umhloti. We are looking up at more women taking over commanding vessels."

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