Eskom's new unit helps limit load shedding

Another unit from Medupi, which provides 800MW, has been added to the power grid.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom says unit six from the Medupi power station has added extra generating capacity to the electricity grid, which has helped to avoid load shedding.

The country has not experienced planned power cuts for the past 18 days.

On Sunday, another unit from Medupi was officially added to the grid, providing 800MW.


Eskom's Khulu Phasiwe says, "Unit six of Medupi power station is doing very well since the official commercial operation on Sunday. But in actual fact, it has been producing power to the grid from 2 March this year.

"It's giving the provision of about 800MW and is helping us to avoid load shedding."