Defence in Mido Macia trial to appeal the guilty conviction

On Tuesday the eight former police officers were convicted of murdering the Mozambican taxi driver.

FILE: Screengrab of eight former police officers convicted of Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia’s murder.

JOHANNESBURG - The defence in the Mido Macia trial has confirmed that it will be appealing the guilty verdicts handed down to eight former police officers in the High Court in Pretoria.

On Tuesday the group was convicted of murdering the Mozambican taxi driver.

Macia was found dead in a holding cell on the East Rand in February 2013 after being dragged through the streets of Daveyton behind a police van.

Defence attorney Benny Ndaba says they will launch their appeal after sentencing procedures next month.

"My instructions are to lodge an appeal against the conviction and that can only be done after the sentencing proceedings have been finalised."

Sentencing procedures will begin on 22 September and the eight convicted murderers will remain in custody.


Earlier today, Macia's family said they will never forgive the eight former police officers convicted of killing the Mozambican taxi driver.

After witnessing the cops being convicted of killing her brother, Macia's sister Melita said she and the rest of her family will finally find peace.

"I think this conviction will finally bring us peace as a family. We'll be able to move to the next stage of our mourning and try to forget that he's no more."

As Judge Bert Bam delivered his judgment, he reflected on a post-mortem report detailing the injuries Macia sustained.

Melita said this was heartbreaking.

"It was painful to hear how my brother was killed. He was a peaceful person and never fought with people. To hear the details of how he died was heart breaking for me."

The former policemen spent their first night behind bars on Tuesday night after being out on bail for the duration of the trial.

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