Now we know what really happened to Mido Macia in 2013

Judge Bert Bam's judgment reveals what happened to Mido Macia in his final hours.

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Mido Macia’s death recaptured the attention of a society which had become somewhat desensitised to the issue police brutality.

JOHANNESBURG - Shortly after 1:15pm on Tuesday afternoon Judge Bert Bam delivered the words that sealed the fate of eight former police officers accused of murdering Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia in February 2013.

"I find the accused guilty."

Macia was found dead in a holding cell at the Daveyton Police Station on the East Rand after being dragged behind a police van.

The incident was filmed on a cellphone and the video was viewed around the world.

Bam rejected all testimony given by the eight former police officers throughout the trial.

EWN looks at the judge's findings to analyse what exactly happened in the moments before Macia died.

Judgment starts: Bam starts his judgment by reading from the South African Police Service (Saps) Act, which says that police officers have to protect all in communities. In hindsight, this is an indication of how the judge will rule.

Credible State witnesses: Judge Bam finds that the testimony of two state witnesses, Lindiwe Ngwenya (who was with Macia) and Monica Lekgwati (who was working close to the spot where police approached the Mozambican and also shot video of the incident) matches up and is credible.

Can the driver of a police van see the back of the vehicle? Bam observes the driver can clearly see the canopy from the rear view mirror. He notes that the driver can see if the back door is open using the vehicle's right side mirror.

Damning acknowledgment: The judge notes the accused conceded Macia was unlawfully handcuffed to the van, and that they did nothing to stop it.

The accused lied: Bam finds the testimony of accused number one and two, claiming Macia disarmed the first officer, was "totally improbable". He rejects the men's version of events and considers their claims untruthful.

No on tried to stop the dragging: The judge finds that none of the accused tried to stop the driver of the police van when they realised Macia was being dragged behind the vehicle. He also finds the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that all the accused were aware of the dragging.

Assaulted in custody: Bam finds that the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Macia was assaulted while in the police station's holding cells, with seven of the eight men found to be the ones who caused the severe and extensive injuries.

Judge Bert Bam's findings in the North Gauteng High Court has helped the country better understand what happened to the Mozambican man in his final hours, as he pleaded for his life to be spared.

Mido Macia's death, the callousness of the officers involved and the grainy video filmed by vigilant civilian eye witnesses recaptured the attention of a society which had become somewhat desensitised to the issue police brutality.

While Macia's death could and should certainly have been avoided, South Africans have ensured he isn't forgotten.