All 8 accused convicted of Mido Macia's murder

Judge Bert Bam has found all of the 8 former policemen guilty of murdering Mido Macia.

The accused are escorted into holding cells after being found guilty of the murder of Mido Macia. Picture: Masego Rahlaga/EWN.

PRETORIA - Judge Bert Bam has found eight former police officers guilty of murdering Mido Macia in February 2013.

Macia was found dead in a holding cell at the Daveyton police station on the East Rand after being dragged behind a police van in February 2013.

Bam rejected all testimony given by the eight former police officers throughout the trial.

He says he is satisfied the state has been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the group assaulted Macia in the holding cell and caused his death.

Having being on bail for the duration of the trial the judge also told the accused to return to their cells.

"Accused numbers one to eight are convicted of murder and the accused are from now on in custody."

They've all been escorted into the holding cells here and proceedings have adjourned for possible sentencing later this afternoon.

#MaciaTrial Bam: Ngamlana said he left cell when Macia was sitting on bench, but when he returned, he was lying on his back on the floor. MR

#MaciaTrial Ngamlana says there was a pool of blood under Macia's head. He didn't do anything because he didn't know what to do. MR

All eight accused pleaded not guilty to the crime.

#MaciaTrial Bam starts with reading out a section of the SAPS Act. Which says officers have to protect all in communities. MR


WATCH: Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia tied and dragged behind a police van.

#MaciaTrial the second video shows Macia being carried by one of the accused, with his feet up and his head under the officer's knees. MR

Last week, state prosecutor Charles Mnisi asked the judge to hand down a guilty verdict to all eight former police officers.

But defence attorneys Marius van Wyngaard and Benny Ndaba said the state had not been able to prove its case and the accused should be allowed to go home.

The defence said the state's key witness warrant officer Mpumzi Ngamlana's testimony was simply untruthful.

#MaciaTrial Macia's sister being consoled by a family member as she listens to Judge reflect on the injuries Skhosana said he sustained. MR


The judge found all eight former officers foresaw that dragging the Mozambican man behind a police van would result in serious injury and possibly death.

Defence attorney Benny Ndaba asked Bam to extend the former officer's bail but Bam said he wasn't prepared to do this.

During the trial all eight men said they had no knowledge of how Macia ended up hooked to the back of a police van and later dragged through a street.

But throughout his judgement Bam said he is rejects this and is satisfied that the state has been able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that all members of this group were all fully aware of the dragging.

The judge also said the state was able to prove there was an altercation in the holding cell.

"The rest of the injuries could have only been sustained at the cells where the deceased was assaulted and that several of the injuries were caused by direct violence."

Court will resume on 22 September where the former officers will be sentenced.