Light aircraft crash claims two lives in KZN

It's understood the plane went down near the N2 highway in Winklespruit.

Two people have been killed after their light aircraft crashed into a field next to the N2 North Bound near Winkelspruit. Picture: Rescuecare.

JOHANNESBURG - Authorities are investigating the circumstances around a light aircraft crash in Kwa-Zulu Natal in which two people were killed.

The light aircraft crashed into a field next to the N2 north-bound near the Winkelspruit offramp.

Police and rescue teams found a light aircraft had crashed just next to the freeway and was on fire.

Netcare 911's Chris Botha said, "A Cessna 172 had crashed into the veld next to the highway. I arrived here personally about five minutes after the impact and found that the entire plane was engulfed in flames."

The two occupants suffered extensive injuries and were declared dead on the scene.

"We tried to extinguish the fire but the two sustained injuries and died."

The fire department arrived within minutes and managed to put the flames out.

There were no other injuries reported.

Although an eye witness claimed the plane crashed with the overhead cables before crashing into the ground, exact detail will remain a subject for police investigation and comment.