‘Taxpayers' money will be wasted on Phiyega’

Sapu says the national police commissioner should rather just step down from her post.

FILE. South African National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega is expected to respond to President Jacob Zuma soon, to explain why she should not be suspended while an inquiry into her fitness to hold office takes place.

The Presidency has announced that it will be launching an inquiry into allegations of misconduct against Phiyega.

Zuma called for the probe after considering the Marikana report, which recommended her role in the 2012 massacre be investigated.

But the South African Policing Union (Sapu) Mpho Kwinika says taxpayers' money will be wasted on Phiyega, and she should just step down.

"The time has come for the president to help in professionalising the police. The time has come for the president to look into the principles of the NDP in the appointment of the national commissioner. This is going to help a lot in professionalising the service all of us are yearning for."