Steenkamps: Oscar killed Reeva because she wanted to leave him

Reeva’s parents Barry & June Steenkamp made these claims in a new interview with an Australian broadcaster.

FILE. Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. Picture: Carte Blanche.

PRETORIA - In a new interview with an Australian broadcaster, Barry and June Steenkamp claim Oscar Pistorius murdered their daughter Reeva because she wanted to leave him.

Sunday Night Australia broadcast the interview on the weekend Pistorius was scheduled to be released under correctional supervision, but Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha has sent that decision for review, claiming that it was premature.

Pistorius has served 10 months of a five-year sentence for killing Steenkamp at his home on Valentine's Day two years ago.

He claimed he thought she was an intruder.

While Barry and June have hinted before that they don't believe Pistorius's version of events, they've now made it clear they believed it was cold-blooded murder.

Reeva's mother told the Australian broadcaster that 10 months in jail is not an appropriate sentence, adding that she believed Reeva had packed her bags to leave Pistorius on the morning she was killed.

"How can it be for the life of my daughter, 10 months be enough? He killed her. He admits he killed her. She's dead, after making sure that she was dead. Why didn't he just let her walk away?"

It remains unclear whether Pistorius will challenge the decisio n to review his parole.

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