Yolande Korkie hears for the first time how she was freed

Yolande Korkie was released after Gift of the Givers' office manager in Yemen negotiated her freedom.

FILE: Pierre Korkie's widow Yolande Korkie.  Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The widow of Bloemfontein teacher Pierre Korkie, who was killed in the crossfire when US armed forces tried to free an American hostage in Yemen, has heard for the first time in detail how Gift of the Givers negotiators managed to secure her freedom in January last year.

Yolande Korkie and her husband were captured by al-Qaeda militants in 2013.

She was released after Gift of the Givers' office manager in Yemen Anas al-Hamati negotiated her freedom.

But Korkie's hostage takers refused to release Pierre unless a ransom was paid.

He died in a botched operation by US Special Forces after being held captive by al-Qaeda for more than 18 months.

Al-Hamati explained how he managed to convince the terror group to let her go.

"She doesn't know how she was released, I've explained to her how she was released, I told her where I found her and where I took her."

Pierre was buried in a cemetery in Bloemfontein with only close friends and family in attendance earlier this year.

The Free State government said innovative solutions to extremism need to be found to prevent similar deaths in future.