‘Sibiya isn’t being treated unfairly’

A police disciplinary committee has dismissed the Gauteng Hawks head’s claim he is being treated unfairly.

Gauteng Hawks boss Shadrack Sibiya and his legal team at his disciplinary hearing which started in Pretoria on 10 June 2015. Picrure: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

PRETORIA - A police disciplinary committee has dismissed Gauteng Hawks head Shadrack Sibiya's claim that he is being treated unfairly - just because his boss - who was facing the same charges received a golden handshake.

Instead of appearing before a disciplinary committee, former Hawks head Anwa Dramat was allowed to resign and received a R3 million payout, despite being implicated along with Sibiya.

The committee ruled today that Sibiya should be fired for his role in the so-called Zimbabwe rendition matter.

The former Hawks head was found guilty last month of sanctioning an operation in 2010 which led to the arrest and rendition of five Zimbabwean suspects.

Disciplinary committee chairperson advocate Mxolisi Zondo says there was nothing preventing Sibiya from entering into a separation agreement with his employer, but instead he mounted a challenge to the charges against him.

Zondo has dismissed Sibiya's claim there was different treatment, saying it would be different if Dramat was still in office, while he was being subjected to the hearing.

He says the termination of Dramat's employment was the direct result of his involvement in the rendition matter.

Zondo says the seriousness of Sibiya's offence and his lack of remorse renders his continued employment at the Hawks intolerable.

Hawks management say the matter has been forwarded to the legal department to formalise the ruling.