Prasa officially dismisses Daniel Mthimkhulu

Prasa's acting CEO says Daniel Mthimkhulu was suspended after he lied about his academic qualifications.

Screengrab of Prasa’s former engineering chief Daniel Mthimkhulu. Picture: Youtube.

JOHANNESBURG - Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa)'s acting CEO Nathi Khena says seven senior managers have been suspended and engineering head Daniel Mthimkhulu has been officially dismissed.

Khena says it's part of a clean-up strategy at the rail agency that is already being implemented.

He's also reacted to this week's demonstration by disgruntled employees saying it's unfortunate that a small faction is peddling untruths.

Khena says Prasa continued with the disciplinary process against Mthimkhulu, in his absence, after he lied about his academic qualifications.

He's confirmed the Mthimkhulu has now been dismissed.

Seven senior managers still have to go through a disciplinary process following this week's unofficial briefing on the street outside Prasa's offices.


Prasa's acting CEO said it's unfortunate that some employees are peddling lies while the rail agency is trying improve operations.

Khena says only about 70 people participated in the demonstration this week.

The acting CEO says they represent a fraction of the company's 18,000 employees but have tried to portray that everyone is unhappy.

He says Prasa is pushing forward with its modernisation programme, it's on track and great effort is being made to "clean up" operations.

Khena says they want to put an end to "this unruly behaviour".

Prasa's acting CEO also says they're working hard to revamp the rail agency and won't allow a small faction of disgruntled employees to derail plans.

Khena says these demonstrators don't portray the view of all employees and the company is doing all it can to improve operations.

"We want to put it on record that Prasa modernisation programme has never been halted regardless of issues perceived to be affecting operations or performance of the company. We are on track."