‘Gauteng Hawks boss Shadrack Sibiya should be fired’

Last month Sibiya was found guilty of sanctioning the rendition of five Zimbabwean suspects.

FILE: Gauteng Hawks boss Shadrack Sibiya. Picrure: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A police disciplinary chairperson has ruled that Gauteng Hawks boss Shadrack Sibiya should be fired for his role in the Zimbabwe rendition debacle.

The ruling was delivered to Sibiya's legal team this afternoon, however, it's understood he will appeal.

Disciplinary Committee Chairperson Advocate Mxolisi Zondo says the seriousness of Sibiya's offence and his lack of remorse renders his continued employment at the Hawks intolerable.

Zondo says because Sibiya is senior, his conduct should be viewed in a more serious light than that of a regular police member.

He says Sibiya failed to act within the confines of the law when he became complicit in the illegal rendition of suspects.

Zondo added that there was no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, therefore no remorse.

It's understood Sibiya will appeal the guilty finding as he maintains he had no involvement in the operation.


The internal disciplinary hearing last month found that while the Gauteng Hawks head did not participate in the arrest and rendition of several Zimbabwean suspects he knew about and sanctioned the operation.

The disciplinary hearing decision was emailed to the parties, a month after the matter was heard in Pretoria.

Sibiya had denied having any knowledge of or playing any part in the operation.

Zondo said, when he found Sibiya guilty, that his claim that he did not know about the operation was preposterous and disingenuous to the extreme.

Zondo said the Gauteng Hawks head knew very well what was going on and was very much part of it even though he was not leading the operation and therefore, he sanctioned the operation and found him guilty of misconduct.

He did however dismiss the evidence of three Crime Intelligence officers, who placed the Major General, on the scene of the arrests in Diepsloot, saying their evidence was contradictory and unreliable.

But while Zondo found Sibiya was not present in Diepsloot, communication with role players as well as Hawks boss Anwa Dramat led to the inescapable conclusion that he knew of what was happening.