‘Montecasino killers showed no remorse’

The pair showed little emotion in court when they were handed hefty sentences for the murder.

FILE: Jean-Pierre Malan and Maruschka Robinson are accused of murdering Dustan Blom and leaving his body in the boot of his car at Montecasino. Picture:ouise McAuliffe/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A High Court judge says the couple who killed a Johannesburg father and left his body in the boot of a car at Montecasino, showed no remorse for their crimes.

JP Malan was sentenced to life in prison while his accomplice, former stripper Maruschka Robinson was sentenced to 29 years behind bars.

They drugged and killed Dustan Blom in 2013 and, after dumping his body at the Fourways casino, the couple went on a shopping spree with his credit cards.

Judge Delize Smith said the couple used and dealt drugs, but not once did they testify that their addiction may have been the reason behind the crime they committed.

Smith believes their motive was greed, because they had been stealing from Blom for some time.

She said when they realised they were going to be found out.

When they left his body in the car at Montecasino, the pair were seen on CCTV footage laughing, and high-fiving each other.

Malan only recently admitted to killing Blom.

The pair showed little emotion in court when sentencing was handed down today, but both intend to appeal.


Meanwhile, Judge Smith found the couple calculated and planned the murder of the man they had been stealing from, before leaving his decomposing body in the boot of a car at Montecasino.

She said it was clear a struggle took place, and that Blom was killed with considerable force.

Smith added Malan and Robinson lied to the victim to win his trust, and when he was killed they both went to extreme measures to dump his body and to get rid of the evidence.

The court found Robinson was instrumental in the plan to hide Blom; she lied to police and claimed she was in Durban during the time of the murder and only came clean when CCTV footage of her at the casino emerged.

The judge said Malan carried on with his life as if nothing had happened, and only admitted to killing the Johannesburg this week.

Drugs played a major role, but smith says greed was the driving force behind the crime.