Illegal items seized during WC Metrorail raid

Drugs & weapons were found during a commuter search conducted by Metrorail officials this morning.

Western Cape Metrorail officials and police clamped down on vandals, cable thieves and commuters transporting drugs and weapons on 17 August 2015. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN."

CAPE TOWN - A massive anti-crime operation by Metrorail in the Cape Peninsula has seen the seizure of dangerous weapons and drugs.

The rail operator's security guards saturated stations and trains throughout rush hour on Monday morning in a bid to bolster security and reduce high-levels of crime on trains and at rail stations.

Commuters travelling to Cape Town Station from Khayelitsha, appeared confused and stunned when security guards asked them to take a seat on the platform at Netreg Station before searching them.

Among the items which were seized was a large kitchen knife, wrapped in a plastic shopping bag, as well as a substantial amount of dagga.

A security guard had a close shave when a man tried to stab him with a screwdriver as he was being patted down.

LISTEN: _Metrorail conducted a train raid at Netreg Station, near Heideveld and Bonteheuwel in the early hours of this morning. Listen as _ EWN _'s Lauren Isaacs explains and Cape Talk's Kieno Kammies speaks to Western Cape Metrorail Regional Manager, Richard Walker. _

Meanwhile, Metrorail said more than 20 people in total have been arrested since the beginning of this month in their up anti-crime operation.

Metrorail's Richard Walker said, "We have picked up unfortunately an alarming trend of people moving with big quantities of cannabis as well as tik. The arrests are already standing in the excess of 20."

The project started at the beginning of August following a spate of criminal incidents at Metrorail stations across Cape Town.