Hundreds in Hillbrow stranded after eviction

The Red Ants are on the scene clearing the belongings of residents who have been living at Williston Court.

Hundreds of people evicted by the Red Ants from Williston Court in Hilbrow on 12 August, 2015. Picture: Kgotatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of people have been left stranded on the streets in Hillbrow after being evicted from their flats.

The Red Ants were on the scene clearing the belongings of residents who have been living at Williston Court.

Attorney Lucky Mhlanga says the evictions are illegal.

"We've got a matter that is pending and is before court and then you have people who evict people on a pending matter."

Mike Ferguson, a security consultant for the owners, says all legal protocols were followed.

"It was actually supposed to take place last Thursday but because the police had a problem they were given an additional five days and sheriff has served them and they are well aware of it."

At the same time, the Red Ants say they've found at least 15 petrol bombs during today's evictions at a block of flats in Hillbrow.

Red Ants CEO Johan Bosch said, "Assistance from the police managed to keep the situation calm, they opened the building, went in and did the eviction and it was discovered that they stashed bricks and stones on the top of the building to throw us with and they also found 15 petrol bombs."

Meanwhile, residents have been gathering their assets but a woman says she has lost many belongings as she is not allowed back into the building.

Ferguson says electricity to the building had been connected illegally.

The Red Ants are set to continue with clearing operations for the next few hours.

Police are there to maintain calm.

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The owners of the building say they have tried every avenue of negotiation with evictions as the last resort.

Ferguson says all legal protocols were followed and they tried to negotiate peacefully.

He says the eviction has been a long time coming and authorities have given them every green light for the removals.

Ferguson says the owner plans to refurbish the building to meet all health and safety regulations.

Meanwhile, it's not yet clear where the hundreds of evictees will sleep tonight.