CRL to probe dangerous church practices

The investigation follows a Soshanguve pastor who fed congregants snakes, hair & other objects.

The 24-year-old Penuel Mnguni of The End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve claims to turn rocks into bread, snakes into chocolate and even members of his congregation into snakes. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - The CRL Rights Commission said it would launch an investigative study to address a phenomenon of church leaders using practices that endanger the lives of congregants.

The commission condemned the actions of controversial Soshanguve pastor Penuel Mnguni who made members of his End Times Disciples Ministry eat snakes, hair and other objects during services.

The commission's David Musoma said the organisation will work with bodies such as the South African Council of Churches, which also indicated the need to see the regulation of churches.

#SnakePastor The SACC says the dignity of church members has been infringed upon & is calling for swift action against the 23year old leader

He said there's a need to check the kind of training they're getting.

"We feel that any institution must take responsibility in ensuring that when it talks about issues of spirituality, issues of quest and values, it must be within the context of human rights."

Mnguni fled the township on Sunday after he was confronted by angry community members and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who allegedly torched his church.

Picture: Pretoria News Facebook page

EFF members disrupted his service as they vowed to force Mnguni to taste his own medicine by forcing him to eat the snakes and rats he has been feeding congregants.

#SnakePastor Police say they'll monitor the situation in Soshanguve after EFF members allegedly dismantled the End Times Ministries tent

The party said it had sent a strong message to all unethical pastors by torching the church.