DA to lodge complaint against Bic

The Democratic Alliance says it will lodge a complaint with the Adversing Standards Authority against Bic.

FILE The Bic women's day post that cause the social media backlash. Picture: Bic South Africa Facebook page.

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday said it would be lodging a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority about the controversial Bic advert, which several commentators said was demeaning to women.

On Women's Day Bic posted an image of a woman standing next to the words "look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss".

Members of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces gathered at a joint sitting in the National Assembly for a Women's Day debate.

The DA's Denise Robinson said the company's apology reflected that Bic did not understand why the advert was offensive.

The company's marketing manager for stationery, Wandile Setlhodi, says the post was not part of a campaign and was just a social media post on Women's Day, meant to inspire and not insult.

Meanwhile the company has deleted their Facebook apology, which was posted earlier today, where they explained they pulled a quote that caused a social media stir off of a blog on women in business.

Bic SA admitted the initial post that caused the stir should have never gone out and said they understood they were in the wrong.

Hi everyone. Let's start out by saying we're incredibly sorry for offending everybody - that was never our intention,...

Posted by Bic South Africa on Tuesday, August 11, 2015