Black mark against Bic for sexist Women's Day post

Social media users have described the quote used in posts as insulting to half the population.

Bic's Women's Day post. Picture: Bic South Africa Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - On Women's Day Bic posted an image of a woman standing next to the words "look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss".

Social media users have described the quote used in the posts as insulting to half the population.

The social media outrage that followed has been swift and severe, calling the pen manufacturer sexist.

Bic's Wandile Setlhodi says it was a quote from a women in business blog site and was meant to be empowering and not insulting.

The company's marketing manager for stationery says the quote came from a popular book written by American actor and TV host Steve Harvey, which was also turned into a movie and that the company's intention was to try and encourage women to continue to strive for success.

Bic has posted apologies on both social media platforms and withdrawn their original Facebook post.

Meanwhile, Twitter users are still expressing their profound disappointment with Bic.

Companies like Bic remind us of a simpler time when people still used pens and didn't get called out on misogyny.

Dear @Bic_SA please help. My little girl fingers can't handle your man pens. What should I do?

Everybody relax. @Bic_SA was being sexist in an empowering way, and it's not sexism if you get it from a blog.

I got stuck at the part where @Bic_SA wants us to look like girls. Would you tell men to look like boys?

Next from Bic: "Work like a black, think like a white".

"Oh sorry we just took it from this KKK blog"

#Bic apology: We stole the line from a random blog. It's their fault not ours. We'll ignore the fact the blog is sexist. Sort of sorry.

This isn't the first gender related controversy that Bic has courted. In 2012 the pen manufacturer released a line of pens produced particularly for women.

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