EFF warns unethical pastors

The party allegedly torched the church belonging to the “snake pastor” in Soshanguve.

FILE: EFF members disrupted the service, saying they want pastor Penuel Mnguni to eat the snakes and rats he had been feeding his congregation. Picture: Pretoria News Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - Authorities will continue monitoring the situation in Soshanguve after Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members allegedly dismantled a tent belonging to a so-called prophet who feeds snakes to members of his congregation.

The party visited the infamous End Times Disciples Ministries church on Sunday to feed rats to the controversial "prophet", who was absent at the time of the visit.

Penuel Mnguni, dubbed the "snake pastor", made headlines in recent weeks and came under fire for asking members of his church to eat rodents and serpents.

The EFF says it has sent a strong message to all unethical pastors through its torching of a church just north of Pretoria.

Community members led by the EFF attempted to feed Mnguni a lizard and a rat before burning the tent where his church services are held.

The EFF's Ntobeng Ntobeng warned unethical church leaders that communities won't hesitate to take matters into their own hands.

"We are sending a clear message to the other creeps and thugs who come to vulnerable communities and try these particular practices. They should know that communities are aware and that they will take things into their own hands."

Police spokesperson Riana van Aarde meanwhile said, "A case of public violence was opened at the Soshanguve police station. No one was injured [in Sunday's incident]."

Despite Sunday's disruption, the congregation vowed to continue with its service.

Authorities are monitoring the situation.

Pictures: Pretoria News Facebook page.