Angry Soweto mob torch fire engine

A firefighter is recovering in hospital after he was stoned by the protesters.

A fire engine was stoned and set then alight in Soweto on 5 August 2015. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Emergency Services have confirmed that a firefighter is in hospital this morning after protesters in Soweto attacked a passing engine, stoned it and then set it alight.

The fire truck belonged to the Diepkloof Station and was a "first turn out" vehicle, which means it was normally amongst the first to arrive at an emergency or rescue.

#Fire JEMS: It's a sad day for us. That engine could have been rendering emergency services to residents of Soweto.

The equipment on the truck was damaged or destroyed while some was stolen.

EMS Spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said, "They stopped the fire engine and then in the process they started stoning it. One of the firefighters was injured when he was stoned by the protesters. He received medical attention on scene and then transported him to Milpark Hospital for further medical care."

Mulaudzi said the attack must be condemned.

"It was really a sad day for us as emergency services. We also want to urge communities out there who might have information regarding the missing equipment and those who were involved in this to come forward."

The protests in the area are over the supply of electricity.