Zim Parks set to create a mount of Cecil

There have been calls for a monument to be built in memory of the slain lion.

FILE: Cecil the lion was shot and killed by a dentist. Picture: CNN

HARARE - Conservationists in Zimbabwe say the trial of hunter Theo Bronkhorst, who was behind the death of Cecil the lion, has been postponed.

Cecil's death sparked global outrage, and there have been calls for a monument to be built in his memory.

In a tweet today, Zimbabwe's national parks authority says it is working with local taxidermists to prepare a full mount of the dead lion.

Zimparks is currently working with taxidermists on preserving him and preparing a full mount of him. https://t.co/wXfws8GzTt

Cecil's skin and head were confiscated last month from Bronkhorst, the hunter who led US dentist Walter Palmer on the hunt to kill Cecil.

It's not clear where Cecil would be put on display.

Two stuffed lions are already on display at Zimbabwe's State House.