South Africans scramble to re-apply for hijacked UK visas

EWN yesterday revealed about 200 people lost their personal documents when a courier truck was hijacked.

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JOHANNESBURG - Several South Africans are now scrambling to re-apply for their passports and obtain other documents which were stolen during a hijacking in Johannesburg on Monday.

It's understood that about 200 people applying for United Kingdom (UK) visas lost their personal documents when a courier truck transporting them was held up by three men, one of whom was wearing a Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) uniform.

The British High Commission is now trying to assist all the applicants.

Some of them were expected to leave the country next week for either business, pleasure or permanent relocation.

It's understood the driver of the courier vehicle had no idea what he was transporting and even after his vehicle was recovered, the parcels were missing.

A women said their lives have been turned upside down and their personal information is now in the hands of criminals.

Another applicant said, "I feel it was an inside job, unless there was something very valuable on that truck that nobody knows about."

While another said, "I had given them my pay slip, my proof of residence, let alone my passport. I feel extremely frustrated and let down."

The British High Commission has not revealed further details about the hijacking but it's doing all it can to help those who've been affected.